Up periscope

Army Times reports that:  The intelligence analyst suspected of illegally passing government secrets to the WikiLeaks website has been found competent to stand trial, the Army said Friday.  And of course the Daily News reports he’s no longer in “solitary.”

Law.com has this interesting piece about the “struggle” courts have with searches of smartphones.  Bottom line, the tenor of the article is that search and seizure law hasn’t kept up with technology.  There are many ways the courts have kept up with technology changes and the ability to store, carry, and retrieve digital information.  However, the courts really haven’t kept up with how the amount of stored information and its scope has expanded exponentially.  Perhaps one day they’ll reach a balance.  A smartphone isn’t really like a letter, or a glove-box, or a briefcase.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to set a password to access your phone.  Yes, it requires a couple of extra inputs to use the phone.  But a password does more to protect the information on that phone.

The Fort Gordon The Signal has a reminder to Soldiers about communications on social media.  A good reminder.

Army Times reports:  A Nebraska National Guard colonel has been removed from his command over a battlefield surveillance brigade in Iraq, a spokesman said Friday.  But it’s not clear if this is misconduct related.

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