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Navy Times reports more firings.

The commanding officer and executive officer of a Norfolk, Va.-based amphibious ship were fired Saturday while the ship was on deployment in the Mediterranean, according to an announcement posted on the Navy’s website.

Cmdr. Etta Jones, CO of the amphibious transport dock Ponce, was fired “due to demonstrated poor leadership, and failure to appropriately investigate, report, and hold accountable sailors found involved in hazing incidents,” the announcement said. Jones also “failed to properly handle a loaded weapon” during a security alert, which the announcement said “endangered some of her crew.”

truthdig.com comments on the commander in chief’s off-the-cuff remark about United States v. Manning.  Politico also has a piece on this.  Salon has a piece on the W**** page.  Teddy Partridge asks, “Who will be Barack Obama’s John Mitchell?”

Jeff Stein, in Washington Post, reports a troubling situation of alleged abuses of authority and sexual harassment.

Virginia Pilot reports:  A sailor working in a support role for Virginia Beach-based Navy SEALs has been accused of raping a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda.

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