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Military.com reports:

The top military commander in Afghanistan has suspended a commander and a helicopter crew during an investigation into possible civilian casualties in the eastern Afghan province of Kunar.

DOD Sexual Assaults report for FY 2010.  Fascinating information.

Of 1759 alleged cases:

243 were unfounded by the investigative agency.

145 had insufficient evidence of any offense.

9 were unfounded by the command.

42 had the commander decline to take action.

187 courts-martials.  I don’t see a conviction rate?

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2 responses to “Up periscope”

  1. Thanks. I obviously read it too fast, my bad.
    I agree that it’s fascinating material. 19% acquittal rate, which is not necessarily a finding that it didn’t happen as alleged. But combined with the “unfounded” rate, a possible argument for over-reporting and some false allegations? Dismissals of cases doesn’t necessarily mean it was false or a “not,” either.

  2. Andrew Flor says:

    The conviction rates are on page 75, Figure 11. Thanks for pointing this report out. The numbers are also slightly different in Figure 10. They count 529 (or 532 if you look at Exhibit 12) courts-martial in FY 10, some that were reported prior to FY10. Exhibit 12 also lists the punishment received for those convicted on page 76. Fascinating report.