UP: News roundup

Army Times reports that Major Hasan has had or is about to have a pretrial confinement hearing at Fort Hood.  A hearing is required within certain time periods under R.C.M. 305.  R.C.M. 305 is a regulation in the manual for courts-martial that implements due process for someone detained for a crime.  The military does not have bail.  The person is either detained or released into restriction to base or personal recognizance during the time of the court-martial.  It is unlikely that Major Hasan will be released onto Fort Hood.  The issue appears to be whether he is physically fit for confinement as certified by a medical doctor.

Army Times and AP report that an AWOL soldier wins stay of Canadian deportation.

Canada’s Federal Court says the country’s refugee board must reconsider the case of a lesbian who deserted the U.S. Army.

Army Times and AP reports a Soldier charged with making threat at school.

The Pettis County prosecutor has charged a soldier who had been reported missing from Fort Leonard Wood with making a terrorist threat at a Sedalia high school.

Army Times and AP reports that a Fort Campbell soldier has been charged with refusing a gate search.

The military says a Fort Campbell soldier was charged after refusing to allow a search of his vehicle and causing a gate into the installation to be shut down.

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