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Both Hutchinson and her civilian attorney, Rai Sue Sussman, are happy with the results. In a press release from Sussman’s office, Hutchinson said that she is "excited to know what will happen to me, and that I am not facing jail.

ÔÇťAlexis is pleased because she now will have closure and knows what is going to happen to her," Sussman told Truthout. "She is no longer waiting to possibly go to trial and jail, all the while trying to figure out what to do with her child. She feels she was treated unfairly overall, but is relieved with this outcome."

Jeff Paterson, the director of the soldier advocacy group Courage to Resist, which has assisted Hutchinson, felt that the administrative discharge was a victory all around.

"From our perspective, since she didn’t deploy to Afghanistan, she has no injuries; we see this as a big success," Paterson told Truthout. "She didn’t go to Afghanistan, she didn’t go to jail, she won’t be separated from her baby and she gets out of the Army. That’s what’s important."

Truthout reports.

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