The head of an Army Substance Abuse program may be a coke-head?

Army Times reports:  The director of the Army Substance Abuse Program at Carlisle Barracks is on leave pending further action after his arrest on cocaine distribution charges.

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One response to “The head of an Army Substance Abuse program may be a coke-head?”

  1. mikeyes says:

    It appears that the Carlisle Barracks drug program is run by a civilian/Civil Service which may be fine, but you have to wonder if it is the best way to deal with this problem in the military. The Army has always had a less than satisfactory treatment program for both drugs and alcohol.

    I was the chief medical officer at the Naval Drug Rehabilitation Center (NDRC/JAX) in the mid 70s and my experience with the Army was that the program was run by amateurs. In those days the Navy had a secondary rating for drug counselors and each base had an office that advised the base CO and treated drug abuse on an outpatient basis. Each program was run by military members and Class A uniforms were mandated. The idea was to return members to full time duty.

    I ran the counselor’s school. I used to joke that our attrition rate (50%)was only exceeded by BUDS in order to make sure that we a) had the right people in the position and b) didn’t have drug dealers in the position. It turns out that a lot of applicants (many “volunteered”) had problems themselves. Our graduates uniformily were praised by the COs of the bases including the Marine bases who tended to want a more final solution for any Marine caught with drugs.