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Some years ago LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick was prosecuted and convicted at court-martial and later retired.  After that he began a website called JAGHunter.  Initially he used the site to lambast any of the Navy JAG’s involved in his case along with his commanders.  Over the years there have been other oddities from the retired LCDR.  He became involved in the birther movement.  The retired LCDR has been vocal in his support of LTC Lakin.  And more recently he was arrested and being prosecuted because he wanted to arrest some public officials for actions he didn’t like.

Fitzpatrick was arrested in April after he interrupted a closed door grand jury hearing in an attempt to make a citizens arrest of jury foreman Gary Pettway. Fitzpatrick felt Pettway and the jury was illegally blocking his attempts to indict President Obama.

Fitzpatrick has said he believes Obama is not an American citizen and is serving illegally as president.

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