Spice rack

Navy Compass reports:

Navy leaders are expressing alarm at recent statistics that show that sailors’ use of "Spice" and similar so-called designer drugs rose in the last quarter of 2010. Spice and similar products are essentially an herbal, synthetic form of marijuana, mimicking the chemical compounds found in the drug. These products are banned for Navy personnel.

The Air Force is also clarifying the confusion.

As all Airmen in Air Mobility Command should be aware, Gen. Raymond Johns issued a general order Nov. 2, prohibiting the use of intoxicating substances. Specifically, AMC military members are not allowed to possess, distribute, inhale, smoke, chew, consume, or otherwise ingest any type of salvia divinorum, salvinorin A or any botanical incense or herbal mixture called "spice."

It’s my understanding that this or a similar order has been found illegal in an Air Force court-martial recently.  I’m not sure if there’s a government appeal.

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