SEAL case: trial venue changed to Iraq [correction]

A military judge has decided to move the trial for one of three Navy SEALs accused in connection with the alleged assault of a suspected terrorist to Iraq.

Cmdr. Tierney Carlos, the trial judge for the court-martial of Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class (SEAL) Jonathan Elliot Keefe, has agreed with defense motions to move the April 6 trial to Camp Victory in Iraq so Keefe can face the alleged victim, Ahmed Hashim Abed, whom the government sought to depose in lieu of a trial appearance.

“If he is available for a deposition, then he is available for trial,” Carlos said.

Navy Times reports.

Based on my own experiences going to Camp Victory, this is going to be expensive.  Maybe they can get the NAF at Norfolk to put together a flight of all participants to Kuwait, and then arrange a flight from Ali Alsaleem up to Baghdad.  Plus there are going to be some interesting logistics.

[Correction] Daily Press reports that it’s actually two of the three trials:  Keefe and Huertas.  So one would think the third will be also?

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