PTSD in courts-martials

I’m sure you, like me, have used or tried to use PTSD at trial, either on the merits or at least in sentencing.  Along with TBI, PTSD seems to have a significant impact, especially when it results from combat.  There has been a lot published over the last few years about how the military handles – or doesn’t handle – these cases.  I have found differing attitudes within the various “jurisdictions” I’ve traveled.  For example, at Fort Belvoir, they have an exceptional program, well staffed and seemingly well balanced in their approach.  Here is an item that may be of interest.

Michael de Yoanna & Mark Benjamin, “I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD,” Salon, 10 April 2009.

Thanks to Karen Franklin, and here is her commentary on the article.

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