Pendleton Fallouja trial.

Marine set for court martial at Camp Pendleton in the death of an Iraqi prisoner

L.A. Now, September 28, 2009 |  8:56 pm

A court martial is to begin Tuesday at Camp Pendleton for the last of three Marines accused of killing unarmed prisoners during battle in Fallouja, Iraq.

Sgt. Jermaine Nelson, 28, is charged with unpremeditated murder and dereliction of duty in the death of a prisoner during the first days of the Marines’ mission to clear insurgents from the Anbar province city in November 2004.

Sgt. Ryan Weemer was acquitted by a court martial in the case; former Sgt. Jose Nazario was acquitted by a federal jury in Riverside. Nazario was tried in a civilian court because he had left the Marine Corps when the incident was investigated.

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