NDAA FY 2023, new changes in the offing?

A press release alerts us to several proposals for the NDAA FY 2023 which could affect military justice. One addresses Supreme Court access (something NIMJ has long advocated for), and another is the question of unanimous verdicts post-Ramos v. Louisiana. A third addresses a suspect’s records (and their removal) when “Service member is subject to non-judicial punishment for the offense to which the record pertains; or is pardoned for the offense to which the record pertains.” You can find the House Armed Services Committee actions here. We get many requests from persons who want to have criminal records expunged when their case is not referred to court-martial but is dealt with by Article 15 (NJP) or administrative discharge. These records often wrongly suggest the person was “convicted.” They also can be retrieved by current and future employers when making a hiring decision. So, the “Titling” of a subject on MCIO investigation can be affected for the rest of their life, even when not convicted of something.

Courtesy GMJR.

For those following the ongoing litigation in Dial, here is a link to the current status (18072022).

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