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I wanted to follow-up on some thoughts regarding my "office-in-a-briefcase"  (which many of you know is literally true for me).

You can find suitable scanners, color printers, and of course computers, which can fit within one briefcase.  All you need at that point is access to the internet.  Internet access in this day and age is pretty easy, even overseas, and even on military bases.  The current DoD policy on thumb-drives adds some wrinkles when you need to print out documents on-base, but that's why you have email.

Today the issue is faxes.  With the advent of email, Adobe.pdf software, and similar programs, the transfer of documents is easier and generally cheaper than mail and fax.  But there is still a call for you to have a way for a person to fax documents.  The benefit of an email based fax "machine" is that you can receive and send faxes while traveling, so long as you can get an internet connection.

I currently use eFax Plus, they use SSL technology which means there is more safety in the transmission of documents via an email based fax.  But I am thinking of changing.  When I first started with eFax they were among the newest and the best.  Now that may not be the caseFaxCompare has an interesting review of internet fax solutions (look at this and you'll see why I really am thinking of changing).

Thanks to Legal Technology blog for the fax information.


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  1. Valentine says:

    I had taken a view on eFax and I can say it’s not bad. But I currently use, that also uses SSL technology and it’s cheaper as it costs only 0,05 EUR to send a page and receive faxes for free and unlimited. Also there is a service to send SMS just from your email to any worldwide nr.

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