Military model gives up crown

Apryl-Sanders-Facebook-pic reports:

Airman 1st Class Apryl Sanders, a weapons manager for the 16th Airborne Command and Control Squadron at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., was named Miss Military last month by a nonprofit organization in California.

Wednesday, she e-mailed the contest organizer to refuse the crown.

Smith said that the unit’s Judge Advocate General’s staff counseled Sanders that Military Civilian Experience was using the contest to raise money, thus making her ineligible as a uniformed service member. Sanders will not be reprimanded for participating in the event, Smith said.

(Photo courtesy of Macon Telegraph)

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2 responses to “Military model gives up crown”

  1. Parker says:

    If she had won an essay contest that was only open to service members, would her command have pressured her to refuse the award?

    I’m having trouble identifying exactly what the SJA considered a problem.

  2. Viking says:

    Thanks for the comment; I’m not sure the issue either.
    For background perhaps we can look to history of military men and women posing in less main-stream contests or magazines. The military women calendar in which they bare all for example. In the less mainstream media part of the criticism has been the emphasis on “military” and that the “models” would often wear a part of their military uniform. Thus I can see a service discrediting element with the more commercial bare all calendar, website, or magazine.
    In this case I’m not sure the issue, unless they are putting this under the need to have permission for outside employment rubric?

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