Major Hasan update

An attorney for the Army psychiatrist accused of going on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood said Monday he wants his client’s mental evaluation delayed, citing a potential conflict of interest with the exam panel.

Army officials previously appointed a three-member board of military mental health professionals to determine whether Maj. Nidal Hasan is competent to stand trial and his mental status the day of the November shooting, which left 13 dead and dozens wounded on the Texas Army post. reports.image

…Galligan said one panel member taught at the medical school Hasan attended, although Galligan was unsure if that doctor directly taught or knew Hasan. Galligan declined to release any board members’ identities.

In his motion to Army officials last week, Galligan said he also requested an all-civilian board, saying doctors with no military ties likely would be more objective and not worried about repercussions if their diagnosis was considered favorable to Hasan.

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2 responses to “Major Hasan update”

  1. Richard Niess says:

    This man murdered 13 of the finest men this counrty has to offer and wounded many others who will be scared for life not to mention their families. He needs to be executed quickly because many of his kind are waiting to do the same thing. He is guilty! In addition, any military commander who promoted this man in rank should be discharged for our military as soon as a guilty conviction is reached. Also the base commander should be demoted 2 grades in ranks and retired. Remember this is not Sgt. Solvak of WW2

    Richard Niess

  2. Kathy S says:

    My husband was there in that room that day….it seems to us as if this terrorist act has been forgotten. We do not hear any news or updates on television, radio or newspapers.