LTC Lakin sitrep

Navy Times reports:

The combat systems officer of the destroyer Cole is back on duty this week after he was arrested in a courtroom outburst over a disputed traffic ticket in Portsmouth, Va.

Lt. Timothy Barry appeared in court to challenge a speeding ticket, but the proceedings started off bad and got worse: According to a report in the Washington Times, which cited a Sept. 3 internal Navy message, Barry refused to rise when the judge entered the courtroom. When a bailiff asked him why he hadn’t stood, Barry asked whether that was required by law.

According to the Washington Times LT Barry was in uniform at the time of the incident.

And now back to LTC Lakin – no outburst, silence.

The American Patriot Foundation at safeguardourconstitution does not reflect the current status of the case – odd.  The site implies that the military judges decision is still pending.  I guess it’s not a good idea to tell your supporters that the discovery they want has been denied.  The “breaking news” is still LtGen McInerney’s affidavit.

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