Keeping up

There a various ways to keep up with the law, politics, and policy surrounding military justice, or legal issues in general.

You can use Goodle news.  This allows you to have various news items collated on the Google News website.  So for example, one of my several “search terms” is “military sexual assault.  Google also allows you to get email alerts for the same or more specific searches, for example, “Sinclair military sexual assault.”

I use Chrome as my browser – there are many good reasons to use Chrome in lieu of IE.

I Chrome there is an extension, or App called Feedly.  There are others, but over time I have found this to be the best.  Once you have the feedly extension in your browser or App on your smartphone you get feeds of the various sites you have inputted.

Two such sites of daily interest are:  community of the wrongly accused, and wrongful convictions blog.

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