Just interesting

There was a time when the military allowed people to learn from their mistakes.  There were times that people were allowed to get away with “murder” under that philosophy.  So times changed, largely as a result of the “zero tolerance” of drug abuse.  So, more and more we have, it can be argued, reached a point of intolerance for error and no longer allowing people to benefit and learn from mistakes.

In this context, the comment on an USMA investigation is interesting.

“USMA stands behind Cadet x, as it stands behind our young men and women who choose to become part of it at great personal expense in order to emerge on the other end as leaders of character,” the academy statement said. “These are leaders who are not immune from mistakes or their consequences but who are uniquely equipped to learn and grow from them.”

One can be cynical in thinking the same might not be said for Airman Snuffy or Petty Officer Dock, or . . . Regardless, this is just interesting.

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