In the Supremes

SCOTUSBlog has put up the courts argument schedule for February and March 2012.  There are a couple of cases that may have military practice interest.

Wed., Feb. 22:

11-210 — U.S. v. Alvarez – constitutionality of Stolen Valor Act’s criminalization of false claims of receiving a military medal or decoration

11-1320 — Blueford v. Arkansas — definition of acquittal, barring retrial of a capital case, after the jury deadlocks on some counts but acquits on murder count in the guilt phase

Mon., March 19:

11-94 — Southern Union Co. v. U.S. — constitutionality of criminal fines not based upon facts found by a jury beyond a reasonable doubt

Wed., March 21:

11-199 — V asquez v. U.S. — scope of harmless error when a defense lawyer’s improper comment about his client’s gjilt is heard by the jury

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