Humor in uniform

I was over at ACCA today for the oral argument in United States v. Martin.

As best I could tell CPT Martin was really drunk at the time of the alleged offenses.  A cab driver who dropped him off apparently testified that “he was the most drunk person he’s ever seen,” or words to that effect.  The gate guard said that “he could have been knocked over with a finger push,” or words to that effect.  And there was testimony that he could have been around a 2.5.

So, one of the judges asks appellate government counsel various questions about the appellant’s state of intoxication.  Naturally the government was downplaying it because the argument was he was too drunk to form a specific intent for attempted rape.  Eventually the judge asked if the appellant had been a complaining witness of sexual assault, would he have been drunk enough for a substantial incapacitation charge.

The humor — the government said no.  If that’s the case, then the vast majority of the substantial incapacitation sexual assault by alcohol cases are “unfounded” and there is insufficient evidence on that element.

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