Homeland Security committee begins collecting discovery for the Major Hasan defense team

Army Times reports:

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine says the Senate Homeland Security Committee will open an investigation into the murders at Fort Hood with a public hearing this week.

Major Hasan is facing 13 specifications of premeditated murder and likely any number of other lesser charges at court-martial.

Typically the prosecution will play its cards and discovery very close to the chest at this stage of the case, despite the liberal requirements of R.C.M. 405(f).

Here however it appears that Major Hasan, Mr. Galligan, and the defense team on the court-martial case at Fort Hood will be getting the assistance of the Congress to get discovery! Hopefully Mr. Galligan can get someone to sit in, watch, listen, and take notes.  Also, any statements made to the committee by someone who later shows up as a witness at the court-martial would be discoverable.

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