Harassing the defense?

We regularly get reports from clients and their families about being harassed by NCIS, CID, CGIS, OSI.  In general what the client is reacting to is the law enforcement fishing expedition.  During a law enforcement fishing expedition.  This law enforcement fishing expedition is where they go around to friends and neighbors telling them what a bad person the client is and seeking more bad information.  So what happens when the defense starts to get effective in their own investigation?

Here is a North County Times report:

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, its agents, Camp Pendleton military police and a San Diego Marine staff judge advocate on behalf of a North County woman who alleges they violated her constitutional rights with intimidation and harassment.

"NCIS retaliated against Ms. Martin because she is a zealous, effective defense investigator. Special Agent Martin and his colleagues seized Ms. Martin for hours without justification, pounded on her front door near dawn one morning to falsely "charge" her with a federal felony … spied on her at her home and traumatized her in other ways," the civil complaint said.

A staff judge advocate is a legal adviser to base officials. Before Sullivan took the job at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, he prosecuted multiple cases arising from the alleged incidents at Haditha, Iraq. He is still involved in that case.

This would be one of the prosecutors in the Wuterich case.

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