Georgia Sends Sex Offenders Into the Woods.

This is the headline of an article on TheSlatest.

Zoning laws have forced sex offenders in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Ga., to live in a makeshift camp in the woods—in spite of the fact that several of them own homes. According to the Associated Press, registered sex offenders in Marietta are being directed by parole officers to an encampment behind an office park—one of the few places in the town where offenders can live without violating zoning laws.

This is not the only location where sex offenders are being driven to homelessness.  Florida has a particular town where the sex offenders are being driven to live under a freeway.

Does this help or hurt?  Does forcing a sex offender into homelessness and drifting aid in the purpose of knowing where they are or JNIMBY.

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