Error into training moments

How do you do this?

Navy Times reports:

In an unusual high-level post-mortem, the head of Fleet Forces Command has sent a message to every fleet officer reminding them of the responsibilities of command following the exoneration of an officer on charges of dereliction of duty in the accidental death of one of his sailors.  The message prompted the officer involved in the incident to say he feels “harassed and persecuted” by the public memo.

How do you deal with a need for training, evaluation, and prevention in situations like this?

How do you deal with the potential Article 6, UCMJ, concern in situations like this?  Could the commander be publically criticizing the findings of a court-martial panel, and thus violating Article 6, UCMJ?

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2 responses to “Error into training moments”

  1. Seamus. You are correct, Article 37(a), for being critical of the members decision — duh. The initial remedy is action under the UCMJ against the Admiral. Arguably the XO could file a complaint citing Article 37. You know others aren’t going to complain. I think there could also be problems in future cases where he was the CA that a wise DC might want to inquire into.

  2. seamus says:

    Don’t you mean Art. 37(a)? Interesting issue. But even if the statement did violate the UCMJ, what is the remedy?