Coming and going

Recruiters and fake high school graduation and home schooling certificates, and now this:

The U.S. Army is investigating soldiers who bought degrees from an illegal diploma mill that was based in Spokane and resulted in prison time for its operators.

The Army’s Human Resources Command is using a list of customers of the diploma mill operated by Dixie and Steve Randock obtained and posted online last summer by The Spokesman-Review.

So far, the investigation has turned up about 25 soldiers in the Army, National Guard or Army Reserve who face discipline because they [presumably knowingly] bought fake degrees, and in some cases fake transcripts, and used them to secure promotions, McNorton said. Others have been found who have fake degrees in their files but have since retired.

Retirees might face some administrative action, although the Army’s authority is limited after a person retires, he said.  (Retirement grade based on fraud, thus “administrative reduction” – interesting?), 18 May 2009.

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