Collateral consequences

Thanks to Prof. Berman TG, here is a resource for collateral consequences of a conviction.

Unfortunately there are only nine state jurisdictions and federal filled in – a ways to go on a useful project.

Another place to look is  (Note, it will be necessary to “sherardize.”) , or

A Practitioner’s Guide to Collateral Consequences of Conviction, or

The Office of (Federal) Defenders, for Padilla related information.

And here is an item on the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, model legislation for the Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act.

As always, one of the questions to ask the client is where they intend going/living upon release from active duty or confinement.  Most states now have some sort of central resource through the AG’s office, typically related to pardons, expungement, or claw-backs.  (And no, the military does not have expungement – a frequent question.)

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