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Readers will be aware of the attention given to senior Navy officers who are getting in trouble for misconduct or poor performance.  The collision cases may also be a factor behind the following initiative.

With the aim of keeping only the best leaders, the Navy plans to force into retirement senior active duty commanders and captains found to have poor on-the-job performance, the head of Navy personnel told USNI News this week.

Starting on Sept. 13, the Navy will convene a Fiscal Year 2019 Selective Early Retirement (SER) Boards to determine whether any senior restricted line, unrestricted line or staff corps commanders and captains should be retired from the service due to poor performance.

This would not be the first time SERs have been used to reduce the force.  I remember at least two while on active duty between 1980 and 2000.  Now

The decision to hold FY-19 SER boards was made after considerable thought and careful deliberation. Our growing Navy requires the most consistently
reliable top performers to lead and sustain a modern, ready and lethal force as the number of ships and squadrons and required manpower levels increase.  We are committed to retaining and promoting the right leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow, and enforcing the highest performance standards sets for Navy leaders the necessary tone and expectation for subordinates to emulate. SER boards are comparable to the already successful Senior Enlisted Continuation Board process for quality control of our senior leaders.

Officers in the zone may submit a voluntary retirement request which I assume will be gladly and quickly accepted.  I do not see anything in the message about retirement grade.  I’d like to think that the persons selected will be retired in grade and will not be subject to a retirement grade reduction decision.

I suspect that the theory behind the new policy will filter down to lower ranks where there are indicators of poor performance or misconduct–meaning more BOIs.

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