CAAF opens up

Here are some interesting tidbits from the CAAF orientation session for new attorneys courtesy of

As for the rules changes, a big (and quite welcome, in my opinion) change is the new system in which nearly all CAAF pleadings are eligible for electronic filing. Be sure to redact privacy/sensitive information from such filings, as final briefs will be placed on CAAF’s webpage, starting this term.

Other changes make the already small needle’s eye to SCOTUS more microscopic for military appeals. While CAAF judges previously granted review of all appeals in which the appellant was serving 30 years or more in confinement, that is no longer the policy. Furthermore, for cases that come back to CAAF after a remand to the CCAs, CAAF will no longer automatically grant review of the case.

Are we getting closer to PACER or some PACER like access for court filings in the same manner as in federal courts?  If so, it would be nice to be more than a glacial pacer toward that goal.

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