Birther update.

Courtesy of Christopher Matthews at CAAFLog.

CPT Rhodes yesterday filed an “Emergency Request for Stay of Deployment,” alleging that her suit raises issues “of truly historical, in fact epic and epochal, importance” which demand reconsideration. Accusing the President of “fraud and trickery against the American People [sic],” the captain avers that she “objects to every order entered under the authority of this illegitimate regime.”  She argues that should she deploy, she may be subject to international criminal sanction for violations of the Geneva Convention.  CPT Rhodes’ request is available here: [PDF].

The Court unsurprisingly denied the request today, and has ordered Ms. Taitz to appear and show cause why she should not be sanctioned. The order can be seen here: [PDF].

[UPDATE]  Apparently, CPT Rhodes has now advised the court that she did not authorize Ms. Taitz’ latest filing, does not want to be represented by her any longer, and intends to file a complaint against her former counsel with the California State Bar.  The captain’s letter to Judge Land is here.

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