Appellate Argument Closed to Public?

Say it ain't so . . .

The Army Court of Criminal Appeals goes to Harvard Law School on 5 February 2009, to hear oral argument in a case that is closed to the public — or at least that's the perception.  Information came our way a short while ago from an attorney practicing before that court, and now CAAFLog has identified the Harvaad calendar entry which raises the issue of public access.

You can note that the Court's own calendar doesn't show an oral argument until 19 February 2009.  Could it be April yet?  Halloween?

The 19 February 2009 is likely going to be interesting, it is the Kuwait "fragging" case, United States v. Akbar.

The Commissioner for the Panel advises that the case is United States v. Rosas (NFI).  Apparently the website is to be updated very soon.

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