Another Navy CO–gone reports:

Cmdr. Jay WylieThe commander of a guided-missile destroyer has been relieved of command while the Navy investigates allegations of misconduct.

The San Diego-based Third Fleet says Cmdr. Jay Wylie of the USS Momsen was relieved Wednesday due to “loss of confidence in his ability to command.” He was reassigned to a San Diego post.

And on another note, now the good weather is here it’s time to get back on the CW battlefield tour.  Should you be in Portsmouth, ME, there is an exhibit you might want to visit.  Doesn’t happen these modern days when an officer is court-martialed.  But in the old days it was the custom to surrender one’s sword to the court-martial.  The position of the handle indicated the verdict as to guilt or innocence.

Strawbery Banke on Tuesday unveiled the showpiece of its new exhibit commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, a period sword once belonging to a Portsmouth native.  The exhibit, “Fitz John Porter: Portsmouth’s Civil War Hero or Coward?” will open Sunday in the Rowland Gallery. The display will provide a glimpse into Porter’s history, which includes a court-martial and his quest for exoneration.

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