More on LTC Lakin from the motions hearing

I posted a tease here, and it didn’t take long for Dwight “My Liege” Sullivan to crack the code.

In other words, Judge Lind used the word “embarrassment” in precisely the political question doctrine context (and using almost exactly the same words) as CAAF in New and the Supremes in Baker v. Carr.  And all the breathless birther commentary saying that she was attempting to avoid personal embarrassment to President Obama is just so much guano.

As always one has to admire Dwight’s pithy commentary.  OK, here is some more (working from a “bigger” computer, netbooks have some limitations).

Here’s the military judge’s summary of what the defense was asking for:

image image image image

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One response to “More on LTC Lakin from the motions hearing”

  1. HORUS says:

    Birthers do NOT understand the Constitution or Law.

    It is up to them to prove the President is not eligible to serve, not for the President to prove that he is.

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