From time to time  I recommend articles, cases, or books to read that may be of interest and help to practitioners.  Here are couple of plays to add to the mix, courtesy of Global Military Justice Reform blog, and I quote.

Anthony Thommasini of The New York Timeshas written this strong and quite positive review of the opera “An American Soldier,” concerning the suicide of U.S. Army Private Danny Chenand the ensuing court-martial. It’s playing in St. Louis.

Can you think of another opera that concerns military justice? Benjamin Britten‘s Billy Budd and the more obscure My Lai come to mind. There is also an Overture to The Andersonville Trial, about the notorious Confederate prison camp.

At some time in our careers, we’ve been referred to various plays and movies to present and discuss legal issues.  Two come to immediate mind: A Few Good Men and Breaker Morant.  Some, like Breaker Morant, have aroused public calls to address the fairness or unfairness of the military justice consequences to the real-life characters, such as the High Court ‘pardon’ bid for Boer War soldier ‘Breaker’ Morant.


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