I have to wonder

In today’s military I have to wonder what people may be thinking.  Some time ago the Army had a prostitution scandal.  Now apparently the Navy.

Prostitution is illegal and various acts involving prostitution are illegal under the UCMJ.

The Stars & Stripes has this report today.

The former command master chief of the USS Germantown admitted Wednesday at a court-martial that he oversaw a prostitution research ring operated by four senior chief petty officers aboard the ship.  Command Master Chief Petty Officer Jesus Galura pleaded guilty to conspiracy to procure prostitutes, violation of a general order and making a false official statement to a law enforcement agent.  Testimony at the trial revealed a series of sexual assault accusations involving Galura and others that prompted the 7th Fleet to initiate an investigation of Germantown, Amphibious Squadron 11 and Expeditionary Strike Group 7.  An investigation report later described the situation among Germantown’s chiefs as “out of control,” according to court testimony.

Last year the Army at Fort Hood had a senior NCO involved in prostitution.

Yet again, a soldier employed by the U.S. military’s sexual assault and harassment program has been accused of being a sexual predator. And Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen did his predecessors one better: He allegedlyorganized a prostitution ring of young servicewomen at the Army base in Fort Hood, Texas, pressuring them to have sex with their male superiors.

Two soldiers said Tuesday that a noncommissioned sexual-assault prevention officer at Fort Hood recruited them and other cash-strapped female soldiers to join a prostitution ring.

These issues are not new.  When I was deployed as an SJA to DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM we had such a situation where two females set up their own tent.  It came to light when one of their “john’s” welched on the price.

Please use your head that’s at the top of your body.  Avoid creating situations like this and if you hear of it report it.

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