Whatever happened to?

The Augusta Chronicle has a piece on a whatever happened to – – – Willie Joe King.

Thcourt-martial of Willie Joe King for the murder of fellow Army Pvt. Joseph Poye often brought more questions than answers.. . .

[i]n March 1964, King was taken back to Fort Gordon for his trial on charges of premeditated murder, two cases of grand larceny and 27 cases of forgery.

He was found guilty and sentenced to death.

King appealed his case through the courts and, eventually, his sentence was commuted to hard labor. His arguments that the crime was not “service-related,” that the trial was unconstitutionally delayed and that he was not mentally fit for trial were all rejected.

Gosh, remember the litigation pre-Solorio on jurisdiction.

Anyway, he seems to have disappeared, sort of.

A spokeswoman at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., where King was sentenced, recently could find no records of his imprisonment but suggested he was moved to the federal prison system. An inmate locator didn’t turn up King with either of his aliases.

[n.1]  Images and video from AC.

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