Voodoo Science.

What do you do if you have government sponsored or endorsed "science" that helps catch thieves, cheats, and liars, and other scientists question the validity of your science — you threaten a lawsuit for libel.

Professor Tillers has picked up on the interesting topic of voice analysis as first raised on Deception blog.  He's noted the interesting twists on the issue, including the fact that the magazine that first published the contradictory article removed it from the web — too late.  The offending article was already snapped up and is still available.

See, Prof. Peter Tillers, Voodoo Science in Some Putative Lie Detection Techniques?  Tillers on Evidence and Inference, 16 February 2009.

See, Voodoo science in fMRI and voice analysis to detect deception: compare and contrast, Deception Blog, 2 February 2009.

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