Access to ACCA (and TJAGSA) sites

Does anyone know why the public can’t access ACCA or the TJAGSA websites?  I know when I try to access (using Chrome, Firefox, or IE) you get a site certificate error and can’t get past it.

I have clients, their families, and others asking the same question?

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4 responses to “Access to ACCA (and TJAGSA) sites”

  1. Wade, thanks.

    Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work either. I use Chrome for my browser, so I tried IE just in case it was a browser issue. I tried on a couple of my other computer, in case it was a settings issue with my main computer.

    So, we’ll give it try a few other times in case it’s the ACCA/JAGNET server.

    Very odd.

  2. Wade Faulkner says:

    The JAGCNet site has been down a lot lately. The alternate site is Once your on that site, most of the links will adjust to “jagcnet2” but if you lose the connection again, check your address bar. Add the “2” and “enter” and it should take you to your desired site.

  3. Dwight Sullivan says:

    My Liege,

    Over the past two weeks or so, I have been consistently unable to access Army JAG websites from my personal computers, but consistently able to do so from my “.mil” work computer. I agree that it’s very problematic that the Army JAG websites are de facto unavailable to non-DOD personnel.

  4. Butkus says:

    Server down in Arizona – but it’s been more than a few weeks now.

    But cut them a break, they just got off their 4 day weekend.