Up periscope (incl MAJ Hasan sitrep)

Military.com reports:

A US special forces member suspected of having accidentally killed a British aid worker held hostage in Afghanistan could face disciplinary action, officials said Thursday.

Reuters reports that:

Col. James Pohl, the presiding officer at Hasan’s hearing, denied a request from Hasan’s lawyers to delay the Article 32 evidentiary hearing to determine if a military court-martial is warranted until November 8.

Air Force Times reports:

A terrified civilian worker begged a 911 dispatcher for help as gunfire and screams rang out during a deadly rampage at Fort Hood, according to a recording of the phone call played Wednesday at a military hearing to decide if an Army psychiatrist accused in the attack should stand trial.

UPI reports:

More than 100 witnesses have been called to testify at the hearing, including the 31 other people wounded in the attack and the two Fort Hood police officers who shot Hasan four times, CNN said.

The Sacramento Bee has more on the California National Guard cases, begun by a whistleblower.

Master Sgt. Toni Jaffe was known as "the M&M lady" because she decorated her office cubicle with keepsakes of the confection’s advertising characters.

Talking of whistleblowers, Air Force Times reports:

The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from a former Mississippi Air National Guard colonel who alleged other officers retaliated against him for revealing corruption.

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