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I posted before about the CO of USS OHIO being detached for cause and the number of Navy CO’s DFC’d this year.  Now Navy Times has obtained a copy of documents related this case which appears to include a copy of the command investigation.

The arrival of a birthday card in the ship’s mail addressed to Capt. Ronald Murray Gero, who was turning 56, marked the beginning of the end of his command of the guided-missile submarine Ohio.

It appears various members of the crew started collecting evidence, and then:

A subsequent command investigation — obtained by Navy Times through a Freedom of Information Act request — found that the relationship bore the hallmarks of an extramarital affair, but acknowledged that the participants likely did not have sex.

Here’s a News Tribune piece on SPC Wagnon.

Soldiers who fought in Iraq alongside Spc. Michael Wagnon don’t recognize their friend when they read reports of his alleged role in a plot to kill civilians while deployed in Afghanistan this year with a Joint Base Lewis-McChord Stryker brigade.

Milblogging has alerted us to the new Social Media Handbook released this week to the Navy.

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