Up periscope 82

Army Times reports:

The Army has launched a crackdown on the drug spice at least nine commands in response to a spike in usage among soldiers.

A designer drug that mimics marijuana, spice is legal in most states, and is available for sale in smoke shops and online for around $50 for three ounces.

What’s more, spice is undetectable by most urinalyses.

The Army is also keeping a watchful eye on another noncontrolled substance called salvia, which is a hallucinogen.

Spice has been outlawed in 13 states, including Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and, as of July, Hawaii, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures. Several variants of spice are illegal in Germany and some other European nations.

In the Army, use of noncontrolled intoxicants, including natural substances, is prohibited under Army Regulation 600-85, which governs the service’s substance abuse program.  Punishments can arise under Article 92, UCMJ, for an orders violation.

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