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Navy Times reports that:

The Navy’s top officer is forcing the Naval Academy superintendent to vacate his position one month earlier than planned, and the Navy secretary has ordered two midshipmen set to be booted for honor violations to be invited back to the school, according to the Navy’s senior spokesman.

Military.com reports that:

The Navy has changed its Military Personnel Manual regarding enlisted performance, conduct, Detachment for Cause (DFC) and separations. The changes in Article 1910-156 give commanders and COs the ability to separate Sailors for unsatisfactory performance and those who cannot carry out their assigned duties. Reasons provided include: an overall 2.49 cumulative Performance Mark Average for two consecutive evaluations; promotion recommendation of less than "Promotable" with no improvement in two cycles; and Sailors who do not complete formal training required via Perform to Serve. For more information, visit the Enlisted Career Progression webpage.

Air Force Times reports that:

An airman accused of killing one of his best friends during a game of dare will face a court-martial next week at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb.

The airmen, according to officials, were playing “Trust” when the shooting occurred at Garcia’s off-base apartment. In the game, one player aims a gun at another and pulls the trigger. The target “trusts” the shooter to unload the weapon before they play.

Army Times reports on the Army quality program affecting senior enlisted personnel.

The Army again will be screening senior noncommissioned officers with shoddy records for possible involuntary separation under a new Qualitative Management Program.

Since it was implemented in October, the quality screening program has generated 471 forced retirements and involuntary separations — more than 80 percent of those reviewed — among senior NCOs with 20 or more years of service.

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