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Politics Wires has a piece on United States v. Fry to be argued this week at CAAF.

Peninsula Daily reports:   Coast Guard helicopter co-pilot who was the only survivor of a July 7, 2010, crash that killed three crewmen off the Washington state coast at LaPush will be questioned Dec. 7 in a public, trial-like setting: a U.S. Code of Military Justice Article 32 hearing.

Navy Times reports:  The former officer of the destroyer Momsen, fired in April for what the Navy said was misconduct, will serve a 42-month [of a ten year] sentence and be dismissed from the service.  Cmdr. Jay Wylie pleaded guilty Friday to charges of rape and sexual assault, and said that he attacked an enlisted woman and a female officer within the past year in separate incidents, both fueled by alcohol.  The 19-year veteran pleaded guilty to one count of rape, three counts of aggravated sexual assault and contact, and three counts of conduct unbecoming an officer. He pleaded not guilty to the remaining charges, which were dismissed under a pretrial agreement.

Army Times has an update on United States v. Gibbs.  It thought this interesting in light of the seriousness of the charges.

A jury of three officers and two non-commissioned officers has been selected to hear evidence in the court-martial of a soldier accused of masterminding the thrill killings of three Afghan civilians last year.

Here is a link to Reuters which seems to cover the events of Friday, mainly administrative and procedural, as well as Members selection.

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