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Marine Corps Times reports:  Col. Jeffrey R. Woods was removed from his job Wednesday due a lack of confidence, according to a Marine Corps news release. The move was made by Maj. Gen. Peter Talleri, head of Marine Corps Installations Pacific.

KCAW reports:  The U.S. Coast Guard has brought criminal charges against the sole survivor of a 2010 helicopter crash in which three people from Air Station Sitka died. Lieutenant Lance Leone is facing possible court martial for negligence and the death of two of his crewmates — all violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and all charges he intends to fight.

Navy Times reports:  A wide-ranging Navy investigation into synthetic marijuana use has snagged 64 sailors from three San Diego-area commands, leading to several separations and other punishments.

WaPo reports:  Three San Diego Marine corporals have been discharged for bad conduct after admitting they faked their marriages to receive housing allowances.  According to Marine Corps Times:  The three pleaded guilty to stealing from the government through fraud at a special court martial[.]

Misawa AB reports: After the consumption of alcohol, this edition’s "feature 15" award-winning airman assaulted his mistress and lied to Security Forces personnel and his chain of command here 2 Sept.

In Rolon v. Florida, the Florida district court of appeal has a question of use of an accused’s prior testimony in a retrial.  The accused got a retrial based on IAC at trial during the client’s testimony.  In the retrial the prosecution used that prior testimony.  The interesting point is that in granting the third trial the appellate court relied on two cases, one of them being United States v. Murray, 52 M.J. 671 (N-M Ct. Crim. App. 2000),.

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