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I mentioned a report the other delay that United States v. Bailey has been delayed to a time uncertain.  Here the blog truthdigit as a interesting story about the case from the perspective of the victims family.

Relatives say that trying to answer the question of what, exactly, happened to McBeth has become a guessing game that gnaws at them day and night because military investigators from the Army’s Criminal Investigative Command, known as the CID, which investigates all noncombat deaths, have offered so little information. And in the course of revealing those few facts, the investigators have managed to increasingly confuse and anger the family.

Sound familiar?

[T]he McBeths learned of the arrests and charges through the media, not through the Army.

The CAAF Journal for 19 September 2011 shows Behenna’s petition filed as of that date.

The Republic reports that the IO in the Marine hazing case has got an extension of time to file his IO report.

Military.com reports on the USAFA credentials issue.

The complaint that triggered the investigation alleges that about 60 percent of academy cadets who took introductory calculus classes between 1996 and 2006 were taught by instructors who did not have master’s degrees in mathematics, statistics or mathematics education.

The complaint also alleges that Born was quoted in the Colorado Springs Independent, a weekly newspaper, as claiming that all academy instructors have graduate degrees in the areas they teach or in related areas. The complaint claims that is incorrect.

As does the Air Force Times report:  The military is investigating allegations that two senior officials at the Air Force Academy provided misleading information about faculty credentials to an organization that accredits colleges and universities, The Associated Press has learned.

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