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Fairbanks Daily Newsminer.com reports:  A general court-martial for a Fort Wainwright soldier accused of killing his wife begins this week.

Spc. Aaron M. Rentfrow, 30, of Fort Wanye, Ind., faces charges of murder and kidnapping. The court-marital convened Monday morning and is expected to begin selecting a five-member panel of jurors this morning. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Military justice practitioners will immediately see the significant error in this report – capital referral, “five member” panel?  If the case is referred non-capital, then the death penalty is not authorized, so the reference to five (at least five) is correct.

Marine Corps Times reports:  One Marine faces court-martial and another faces non-judicial punishment for allegedly hazing a lance corporal who killed himself in Afghanistan, according to a military investigation report obtained by Marine Corps Times.

Navy Times reports a brief, “I wish” statement from CAPT Owens to his show cause board.

Slightly off course but, Navy Times reports:  Police in Connecticut say a Navy sailor charged with illegally possessing an AK47 assault rifle was “disgruntled” and critical of the military, and officials were concerned about potential violence.

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