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Navy Times reports: 

The number of people to be cut by this year’s two enlisted retention boards has dropped by more than 200, based on an Aug. 1 quotas update released by personnel officials.

Perhaps they are making the numbers with misconduct separations.

Navy Times reports:  The former executive officer behind the controversial “XO Movie Night” videos on the carrier Enterprise from 2005 to 2007 should learn his military fate this week.

Navy Times reports that, [t]he former executive officer of a Mayport, Fla.-based destroyer was sentenced during a general court-martial Thursday to a year in military confinement and given a punitive letter of reprimand, the Navy announced Friday. 

Navy Times reports:  a sailor is facing military charges and a possible court-martial in the death of an Australian woman who died July 31, a week after she was struck by a military vehicle.

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