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Stars & Stripes reports:  The number of reports of family violence within the military, which had been in decline over several years, has been rising over the last two years, and reports of abused children and spouses increased significantly last year, a report by the Defense Department’s Family Advocacy Program shows.  But what it means — more people reporting who had kept silent in the past, better record-keeping or more people in the military abusing their spouses and children — is unknown.

Stars & Stripes reports:  If you want more explanation about the military’s troubles in treating troops with traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress, read no further than two recent but largely unnoticed reports from the Government Accountability Office.  This is of interest because many of our clients have or purport to have these issues as an element of the disciplinary status.  It turns out the Pentagon’s solution to the problems is an organization plagued by weak leadership, uncertain priorities and a money trail so tangled that even the GAO’s investigators couldn’t sort it out.

Outside the Wire has a note about Army tattoo policies.

North Country Times reports:  The Navy Clemency and Parole Board on Wednesday was weighing a request for release from a Camp Pendleton Marine convicted of leading his squad in the abduction and killing of an Iraqi civilian in 2006.

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