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Stars & Stripes reports:  The postponed court-martial for an airman accused of killing his 8-month-old son has been set for Sept. 8, a Spangdahlem spokeswoman said Thursday.

KUT reports:  The lawyer for Major Nidal Hasan claims the Army’s decision to try his client before a court-martial wasn’t a surprise, but that wasn’t properly notified about the decision.  The decision was announced this morning by the post’s commander. Lieutenant General Donald Campbell also authorized the death penalty as a possible punishment.  Attorney John Galligan said he was upset about not being notified of the decision earlier.  (Not unusual.  But you’d think they’d do the courtesy of providing the defense counsel the documents at the same time as service on the client and announcement.)

KCENTTV.com has a video interview with John Galligan about Major Hasan.

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