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Houston Chronicle reports:   An Army witness who says he stumbled onto a fellow soldier killing a U.S. superior at their patrol base in Iraq testified Monday he thought he was running toward nighttime enemy fire as he responded to gunshots — until he heard the shooter shout “I’ll kill you” in English and saw his face illuminated by his flashing rifle.  Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich, 41, of Minneapolis, faces a possible death sentence[.]

Florida Wires reports that:  An Army judge has ordered a recess in the court-martial of a Fort Stewart sergeant charged with murder in the 2008 slayings of a superior and a fellow U.S. soldier in Iraq.  Prosecutors rested their case against 41-year-old Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich (BOZ-eh-vich) of Minneapolis on Tuesday after two weeks of testimony. The judge has instructed Bozicevich’s attorneys to open their defense next Tuesday.  The decision to take a break in the case was prompted by Fort Stewart’s training calendar. Troops at the Georgia Army post have a four-day weekend coming up, with days off Friday and Monday, to give them extra leave around Mother’s Day.  [No doubt the defense will get a short weekend.]

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