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Military.com reports:

Secreary of the Navy Ray Mabus

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said April 27 that the spate of firings of senior officers involves only a small portion of the commanding officer corps and doesn’t hint at a wider problem across the fleet. . . . [this fosters accountability] . . . “Since 2005, we have dismissed less than 1 percent of our commanding officers[.]

Here’s another one reported by Navy Times.

The commanding officer of an Everett, Wash.-based destroyer was fired Wednesday for allegations of misconduct, 3rd Fleet said in a press release Thursday.

Here’s a link to Admiral Harvey’s “message” on this subject which I had posted the other day.

And here’s one for the Army reported by Military.com:

Col. Philip Stemple

The commander of the 67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, Col. Philip Stemple, was relieved of duties on Saturday after U.S. Forces-Iraq leaders lost confidence in his ability to command, according to a U.S. Forces-Iraq spokesman

Sun Journal reports:  A Cherry Point Marine was sentenced to 25 years in the brig after his court-martial on charges that he killed his 2-year-old daughter last June.

AolNews reports on a media tour given of the Joint Regional Correctional Facility at Fort Leavenworth, where PFC Manning is now located.

Officer.com blog has an interesting blog about military “courtesy patrols” in Columbus, GA.  The writer correctly notes a Posse Comitatus concern, but also notes there seems to have been a review process before starting this.

What the officer doesn’t note, and which I think might be raised is an Article 31, UCMJ, issue or concern?  Maybe my devious defense counsel mind has gone too far.  But if the “patrol” was involved along with a police officer in the arrest and investigation of a military member, would that not be a “joint” enough investigation for the police to give Article 31’s?

Foreign Policy has a brief piece on the recent Army Lawyer.

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